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I can be to serious about life ..so I’m told, a deep thinker...so I love it when I can belly laugh...attitude is so important and I try to stay positive ...and enjoy being with those who live their lives with gratitude. I write poetry, a true romantic at heart. i am easy to get along with but i will say how i feel about things. i am looking for someone that can accept that and who is the same way, and doesn't get upset because i have an opinion. i would like to meet someone who likes to be themselves. no fake people. I'm looking for someone who wants to laugh and play and just enjoy life together. It doesn't have to be exotic...working in the yard, cooking together, going for a bike ride or to the gym, hiking, watching TV or just reading in the same room

What I am looking for

I am looking for someone who has a kind and generous heart; who is personable, easy to talk to and enjoys people. If you can dance - fantastic !! I guess looks are somewhat important, but it really comes down to personality and the chemistry between us at the end of the day! The main thing is I just want to be totally myself with a man, just being me silly sometimes, serious others!! You will need to be bright and outgoing with a positive attitude, enjoy life and make the best of every day. I have a very soft heart and protect it at all costs. I am honest, loving and loyal to a fault, to those that have earned a place in my heart. Have a soft spot for the underdog, scream at injustice and prejudice and have felt the joy of really making a difference